Creating space for the development, production and presentation of contemporary art practice

Our Mission

The NewBridge Project is a vibrant hub supporting the creation of new and pioneering contemporary art practice through an ambitious programme of exhibitions, commissions, events and artist development.

We create platforms for audiences to engage with the creative process, while nurturing artistic and curatorial practice in an engaged and discursive creative community.


The NewBridge Project is an active and vibrant artist-led community supporting the development of artists and curators through the provision of space for creative practice, curatorial opportunities and an ambitious artist-led programme of exhibitions, commissions, artist development and events.

The NewBridge Project was established in 2010 to provide exchange and support in an engaged and discursive community of artists. We develop artistic talent through artist development programmes, curatorial opportunities and provision of space. The shared workspace is a critical and collaborative environment that allows artists to discuss and develop new ideas and projects.

We aim to deliver an outstanding programme of exhibitions, performances, screenings, educational talks and workshops in consultation with artist members, creating a programme responsive to the social, political and civic environment within which it exists and seeks to be a genuine community resource.

Our Values

– Experimental in our approach: We provide artists with the flexibility to test out ideas, experiment and be radical, allowing groundbreaking work and alternative approaches to practice to develop.

– Artist-Led: We ensure an artist-led ethos is embedded in all elements of our organisation; generating a programme and vision that is responsive to and shaped by artists’ needs and interests. Promoting a culture of self-organisation, ownership and autonomy across our artist community.

– Aware and responsive to the social, political and civic landscape that we exist in: We champion the production and presentation of artwork that is responsive to the social, political and civic landscape in which we exist; reactive to the location, situation and time from which it emerges. We believe art has the power to introduce new ideas, alternative thinking and challenge convention, and can be used as a tool to deliver incremental change.

– Development of artists at it’s heart: We position artist development at the core of everything we do. Creating informal and formal opportunities for artistic practice and talent to develop, supporting artists to progress to the next stage of their career.

– Focused on collaboration and community: We believe a supportive network is a key instigator to continued creativity. We instil a spirit of collaboration, collectivity and community in our activity to generate peer learning, critical conversation and social interaction.

The NewBridge Project is kindly supported by Arts Council England, Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland and the Newcastle Culture Investment Fund & Newcastle University Institute for Creative Arts Practice. 




The Newbridge Project