Our building is reopening on Weds 19 May!



Discover the magic of black & white photography by learning film processing and photo printing techniques at the NewBridge Darkroom. Perfect for people with no experience, those looking for a full refresher or experienced photographers. All inductions and workshops are led by lens based artist Janina Sabaliauskaite.

A brightly-lit room filled with photographic equipment. To illustrate the facilities available for photo development.

Experienced User Induction / ~ 1.5h / £25 per person / Paper & chemicals provided
You must bring black & white negatives
Induction includes:
– Health and Safety
– Introduction to equipment & facilities
– Brief demonstration of black & white photo printing

Introductory Session / ~ 4 – 5h / £75 per person / Paper & chemicals provided.
You must bring exposed roll of film
Session includes:
– Health and Safety
– Introduction to equipment & facilities
– Film loading & developing
– Contact sheet making & final image printing

Beginners Session / ~ 9 – 5 pm / shoot to print / £100 per person / Paper & chemicals provided.
You must bring 35mm camera + black & white film (equipment & film can be provided at an additional cost)
Session includes:
– Learning how to manually shoot & expose black and white film using 35mm camera
– Health and Safety
– Introduction to darkroom equipment & facilities
– Film loading & developing
– Contact sheet making & multiple final images printing

Black & White Communal Darkroom Facilities Include:

35mm LPL 6600 Double Condenser Enlarger
35mm & 120mm LPL C6700 Dichroic Colour Enlarger
35mm LPL 3301D Condenser Enlarger
35mm Phillips PCS 2000 tri-one system Diffusion Colour Enlarger

Black and white multi-grade filters, enlarging easels, plain contact proof printer, micro focus finders, thermometers, graduated cylinders, film processing tanks, processing trays, handling tongs, reels and drying cabinet
Darkroom consumables are an additional cost and are charged according to usage:
B&W Film Processing 35mm 300ml (1 x film) £2.50
B&W Film Processing 120mm 500ml (1 x film) £3.50
Negative Sleeve £0.40

We use:
FILM DEVELOPER – Kodak Professional D-76 & Ilford ID-11
PAPER DEVELOPER – Ilford Multigrade
STOP – Ilfostop
FIX – Ilford Rapid Fixer

To arrange a suitable induction time please email Janina on: thenewbridgedarkroom@gmail.com

Inductions are open to everyone, please note you must be an Associate or Studio Member to use the darkroom on a regular basis. All inductions will take place at Carliol House, New Market Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6NE, in groups of 3.

After the induction you can get a one-day pass costing £5 per session for members, sessions are arranged in advance using shared Google Calendar.

If you are an Associate Member you can have access to the Darkroom by renting a key from the NewBridge office for up to two weeks. The NewBridge office at Carliol House will be open every Monday between 10am – 6pm to pick up a key. Please arrange this beforehand with Ruby on r.glover@thenewbridgeproject.com and Janina via: thenewbridgedarkroom@gmail.com or Tel: 01912328975. A key deposit of £50 (returnable) will be required each time.

Additional technical support and mentoring can be provided, please email Janina for queries on:  thenewbridgedarkroom@gmail.com