The NewBridge Project Gallery is currently closed.



Rebecca Huggan
Rebecca is on Maternity Leave from Friday 14 April

Rebecca oversees the artistic programme, fundraising and managing NewBridge studios and exhibition spaces. Rebecca’s role includes strategic development of the organisation and managing partnerships. She has recently worked on independent projects with Bait and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, and has previously worked at AV Festival, Northern Film and Media, Vane and Project Space Leeds.

Frances Stacey
Director (maternity cover)
Frances works 4 days a week, usually Monday - Wednesday & Friday

As interim Director Frances will support the team at NewBridge Project across all areas of the organisation, leading on fundraising, partnerships, and strategic development. Frances brings overs fourteen years’ experience working closely with artists, arts organisations and community groups with a particular emphasis on co-production and artists development. She previously worked as a Producer and Acting Head of Programme at Collective, Edinburgh; was a co-founder of artist led space Rhubaba Gallery and Studios, Edinburgh; a trustee for sex-worker rights organisation Scot-Pep; and is part of the Feminism Art Maintenance group, an international research project exploring perspectives on womxns organising.

Dan Russell
Artist Development Programmer
Dan works 3.5 days a week, usually Tues - Thurs

Dan helps oversee the Collective Studio and Practice Makes Practice. He is an artist who usually works with other people across visual art, music, design and socially-engaged projects. He has been involved in running several artist-led collectives, project spaces and studios in Manchester and is most interested in longer-term, process-led ways of working.

Dawn Bothwell
Programme Director
Dawn works 4 days a week, usually Tue (WFH) - Fri

Dawn works at The NewBridge Project as the Programme Director to develop and deliver a public programme that is artist-led and experimental in its approach and produced with and for artists and local communities. Dawn is responsible for creating a programme that reflects the diversity of contemporary art practice, responding to the environment around NewBridge.

Ruby Glover
Building & People Manager
Ruby works 4.5 days a week

Ruby manages the studios and building and is the first point of contact for any hire enquiries. She also provides organisational and administrative support across NewBridge membership and volunteer programmes. Ruby worked in people-focused and facility management positions for a number of years prior to joining the NewBridge team in 2020. She is a graduate in Photography and continues to develop her practice outside of her role at NewBridge.

Hannah Kirkham
For Solidarity Project Manager
Hannah works 2.5 days a week, usually Wed, Thurs and every other Fri

Hannah works to support the network of initiatives and organisations who are part of our ongoing For Solidarity project. She runs regular events and promotes the community work done locally that exists outside of restrictive economic models. She has been a member of NewBridge for 7 years and, amongst other creative projects, hand-crafts clothing using organic and recycled fabrics under the name Scout & Rae

Izzy Finch
Project Manager
Izzy works 4 days a week, Mon - Wed and Fri

Izzy is Create/Disrupt Project Manager. Izzy works with diverse communities to engage people in artistic & creative experiences. As someone whose path to becoming an arts worker was defined by quality arts participation and experiences rather than institutional training, she is committed to promoting and facilitating this right for artists from all backgrounds and cultural perspectives. Her practice is rooted in values of community, belonging and creating a space for historically marginalised people to be perceived as valuable knowledge holders. Izzy is a freelance EDI and Belonging Specialist, Researcher and Writer and also works for GemArts.

Elaine Robertson
Community Producer
Elaine works 4 days a week, Usually Mon - Thurs

Elaine’s role involves building and nurturing relationships with local community groups and engaging local residents in NewBridge’s work and space. She will be listening and learning from NewBridge’s neighbours, gathering feedback on how our space and programme can be developed in response to local needs. Elaine is also a figurative artist and the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Conny Art Festival in Consett, County Durham.

Kitty McKay
Marketing Coordinator
Kitty works with us 3.5 days a week, usually Mon - Wed

Kitty is The NewBridge Project’s Marketing Coordinator and will design and support marketing campaigns to engage new and existing audiences with NewBridge’s diverse and exciting programme. As the Marketing Coordinator, Kitty wants to work closely with colleagues, members and the local community to communicate NewBridge’s work through accessible, creative and responsive campaigns online and in print.

Niamh Cunningham
Freelance Bookkeeper
Niamh works with us a few days a month on a freelance basis, and is usually in the office on Wed

Niamh is a self-employed bookkeeper, working principally for charities in Newcastle, including Creativity Culture & Education, Fertile Ground Dance Ltd and Ballet Lorent. She also acts as trustee and treasurer for two other charities. She works with us one day a week to keep our finances in order.

Sarah Stamp
Operations & Reporting Manager
Sarah works 4 days a week, usually Mon, Wed - Fri

Sarah is The NewBridge Project’s Operations & Reporting Manager. She oversees different areas of organisation and project operations, monitoring and evaluation, reporting to funders and partners, and works closely with the Director and staff team on policy development, company administration, HR and line management.

Precious Oluleye
Youth Worker
Precious works 3 days a week, usually splitting her time across Mon, Tue, Wed and Sat

Precious is our Youth Worker. She works in collaboration with young people on the development and delivery of the Shieldfield Youth Programme, a programme of activity developed by Dwellbeing Shieldfield and The NewBridge Project. She leads our weekly youth group, does detached work in Shieldfield, and works with youth group members to plan a programme of events and workshops with artists and partners.

Maya Wallis
Bookshop & Reading Room Coordinator
Maya works 2 days a week, usually Wed & Thurs

Maya is our Bookshop & Reading Room Coordinator. She oversees the running of NewBridge Books and The Reading Room library. This includes researching and sourcing new stock, working artists, writers and publishers, and supporting the development of an events programme across both spaces.


Ilana Mitchell
Trustee (Chair)

Ilana is a practising artist, curator and project facilitator living in Newcastle since 1998. She is very proud of her recent British Academy “Rising Star” Award for her collaboration with philosopher Dr Rachael Wiseman. She is equally proud of her other work, whether it gets awards or not. She is Artistic Director of Wunderbar, a producer and creator of “playfully disruptive and seriously curious” projects since 2009 and was a founding member of Star and Shadow Cinema. She is also a 2002 graduate of Newcastle University’s Fine Art degree course.

Julia Heslop

Julia is an artist and studio member at The NewBridge Project. She has a PhD in Human Geography from Durham University. The potentials for participation in recreating the urban environment are central to her art practice which spans large scale architectural installation and video. She also teaches Architecture and Planning at Newcastle University and likes to spend time in Albania.

Paul Richter

Paul Richter is a Lecturer in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Newcastle University, where he obtained a PhD in the area of public services innovation. He has performed teaching and research roles in higher education for many years. One of Paul’s current roles is the Director of a postgraduate programme – MA Arts, Business & Creativity – designed for creative graduates seeking to apply their artistic and creative talents to a viable career or business start-up. Paul’s research interests include the shape and sustainability of organizational models for cultural and creative practitioners and the significance of such activities in terms of a region’s creative economy.

Jonathan Combe

Jonathan is a real estate lawyer and heads up Muckle LLP’s award winning real estate team. Jonathan has over 30 years’ experience in handling complex real estate development, investment and funding transactions and is the client relationship partner for many of Muckle’s major real estate clients. He has previously held non-executive positions at Wunderbar and various other not for profit organisations spanning the arts and sports’ sectors.

Sally Dixon

Sally is passionate about developing arts and culture in the North East of England, and has held various roles in the sector over the past two decades. She is currently Assistant Director – Partnerships and Communications at Beamish, the UK’s largest open air museum, leading on external affairs, partnerships, communications and all fundraising activity. Previously, Sally was the Arts Manager at Durham County Council and was instrumental in driving the vibrant arts festivals culture the county enjoys today. She is a non-exec director of a number of other cultural organisations and a consortium member of the ACE-funded arts engagement project, East Durham Creates.