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Abel Shah

Our work manifests itself into multi-media installations and series of works, investigating structures of power, the relationship between objects, images and signs and the (re)presentation of “things” in the virtual and physical world. Continually questioning our entity as a duo and the need to shift the definitions of authorship and “the artist”, collaboration and disruption of a singular perspective is at the core of our approach. As a duo we are interested in the creation of alternative points of view and forms of communication, which we believe make up for more diversity and ways of understanding the world we live in.
Collecting and constructing objects, texts, image and sound, we try to obstruct notions of substance and confuse signs of hierarchy, dominated by reproduction mediums such as casting, photography and sound recordings. Our work aims to create constellations of questioning and murky slippage: by (re)presenting a new order of things and bridging the gaps between the rational and emotional, established dialogues can become shifted and provoke the perception of ‘other’ networks of meanings.