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Adinda van’t Klooster

Dr. Adinda van ‘t Klooster is a freelance artist who works with drawing, sound, light, animation, sculpture and interactive technology. Her work has been exhibited, performed and screened in China, the USA, Australia, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands and Norway. During her practice based PhD, completed in 2012, she explored the area of emotion research, in particular how felt emotion is related to physiology and how physiological data can be used as input in interactive artworks. As part of this research she created an Emotion Light: an interactive biofeedback artwork that changed colour depending on the arousal level of the person holding it.

Van ‘t Klooster has also collaborated with musicians and programmers on a range of live visualisation performances, including ‘In a State’ that uses machine learning to visualize emotion expressed in music and to be performed at the Sage in March 2015, ‘HEARIMPROV‘, performed at the Sage in 2007 and ‘Sarah Was Ninety Years Old’, performed at Gloucester Cathedral.

Van ‘t Klooster was also commissioned by various city councils across the UK to create semi-permanent artworks including a sound installation in the archaeology museum in Lincoln and a responsive light and sound installation in Newcastle’s Victoria Tunnel.

Between June 2012 and Dec. 2013, she taught media technology at Manchester Metropolitan University, and in January 2014 she returned to being a full-time artist in Newcastle. She is currently artist in residence at Durham University where is collaborates with the music department on a series of works exploring the crossovers between music, art and emotion.