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Aidan Knowles Levitt

My most recent work explores ideas around Hauntology, Liminality, personal ritual and repetition. By embracing the inherent imperfections and the semi-deliberate obscuring and ambiguity imparted in ‘lo-fi’ media and processes, such as cassette tapes, webcam footage, disposable camera photography and low-quality audio-visual equipment, I emphasise these ideas through the aesthetic quality these media bring.

Also interested in performance, sound and music, I am one-half of the band/collective Boy Latex. Boy Latex serves as a separate outlet for my wider creative practice, being a less introspective thought out method of creation. By blurring the line between Music, Performance and Art, Boy Latex becomes its own entity, whilst still being integral to my creative practice.

Alongside this, I supplement the Visual and Sound Art sides of my practice with writing and an interest in Zine and Book making, linking all these separate practices together through photo zines, Asemic writing and short-form prose/poetry.