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Alex Blanchard

My research will develop the outcomes of my masters thesis project which sought to affect the interface used for architectural design, through deconstruction of my own modes of practice. My research proposal will study how the encoding of information in architecture is steered by the wider interests of the construction industry, which shapes design practices toward efficiency.

I posit that our cognitive psychology is embedded in our prosthetic tools which include both physical hardware and the interface of software. I develop alternative tools for design in order to retain the agency of the architect whose practice is shaped by the influence of established systems and processes for construction. These tools include the physical apparatus used for production of drawings and the languages used for encoding information. My research engages with these tools to explore how our techniques for production can be aligned toward the priorities of sensory experience generative of an embodied design task.

Donna Haraway asserts that communications sciences and modern biologies are constructed by a common move – the translation of the world into a problem of coding – a search for a common language in which all resistance to instrumental control disappears and all heterogeneity can be submitted to disassembly, reassembly, investment and exchange. In my work I seek to affect the fallenness of the architect and their tools for production by developing alternative modes of practice which resist instrumental control and prioritise an individual’s embodied experience of space.