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Alice Card-Hall

Rejecting the neat borders and clean frames associated with displaying print, Alice aims to give printmaking the physical and sculptural space that it is often denied. By repeating print plates to build a larger pattern, imagery loses focus and how the work inhabits a space becomes the key to my installations.
Twisting and suspending printed scrolls of paper allows Alice to explore the fluid sculptural elements and possibilities of the work.

By layering and repeating print plates, she creates visually rich work which is informed by interest in the processes of printmaking production.
The permanency of the printmaking process is important to the work, filtering mark making through print in a series of repetitive motions. Each of the plates is hand pressed onto the scrolls of paper, bringing into play the manual labor of the artist, and thus questioning mass production of artworks..
Themes of visual perception run through the work, with an interest in the cycles of life and nature and how we represent them within art. Alice is particularly interested in the relationship between overall effect and close up details; the idea of a new layer of intricacy seen when viewing the work up close, or from non traditional viewpoints.