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Amanda Lwin

I am an interdisciplinary conceptual artist making Things about Places. My practice is concerned with urban systems and how they impact on our sense of self, national and global identity. Most recently, projects have attempted to reveal the way that systems and infrastructure underlie our societies and lives: networks that hold cities together but might be invisible or intangible.

I prefer to think of my three-dimensional work not as sculpture, but as artefact: a means of expressing a story or an idea that an object embodies through its materiality. I want my artefacts to look like everything you’ve dreamt of but nothing you’ve seen. Familiar yet strange: like the deep, reptilian parts of your brain interpreting the world.

I grew up in Beckton, a Thatcher-era suburb in the London Docklands, where the built environment attempted but didn’t quite succeed in obliterating traces of the industrial landscape. I studied architecture and urban design and these themes continue to pervade my work, but my practice is concerned more with communicating the shape of things beyond their surface. I am interested, therefore, in bringing work out of galleries and into the public realm, shops and offices, and the city at large.