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Andrew Wilson


Andrew Wilson is an artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, his practice involves working both independently and in collaboration with many other individuals, groups and organisations. He is a studio holder at NBP Gateshead and a current member of the NBP Programme Committee.

In addition: Andrew has more than a decade of experience working with and alongside organisations who support marginalised adults in creative activity Including: Chilli Studios, The Recovery College Collective (ReCoCo), Launchpad, The Class of McGowan and The Art Room (an arts service formerly based at St. Nicholas’ Psychiatric Hospital).

Recent Works:

Call Centre (2020), an artist residency network linking diverse and experimental responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. Initiated by Allenheads Contemporary Arts, based in rural Northumberland, UK.

This Trust Idea (2020), a 30min video-collage weaving together broad social and political nuance(s) that have emerged, or been made visible, within the Covid-19 pandemic (currently in production).

NASA LIE THE EARTH IS FLAT NO CURVE (2019), a 30min video collage weaving together broad social and political predicaments via the lens of flat-earth conspiracy theory. Created while undertaking a two-month residency at ZK/U, Berlin.

We Are Our Media (2016-19), working in collaboration with charity workers, journalists, and north-east citizens and organisations Andrew co-initiated We Are Our Media: an experimental ‘bottom-up’ approach to journalism, including its tabloid publication – The Eclipse – and co-delivering it’s free-to-access and peer-led educational programme – Do It Ourselves Journalism.

Shieldfield Community Cup (2019), a free-to-access experimental and community-led football tournament which actively encouraged participation, regardless of ability, age, gender, etc. within the residential neighbourhood of Shieldfield, Newcastle. The event(s) are a vehicle for intergenerational play, mutual care and a collective identity building via the humble game of football.

Lloyd-Wilson (ongoing), since 2012 Andrew has collaborated with artist Toby Lloyd as artist duo Lloyd-Wilson, co-initiating many works including the touring projects Broadcast Bartender (2015) and The Fox and Hedgehog (2016), publishing The Pub and The People (2016), What Is An Art (2015) and The Last Hour! (2017), and undertaking a three year live-work residency, Artist House 45 (2015), in an otherwise empty council house in South Leeds.