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Bun Koboyashi

Having trained in Contemporary Dance, my work primarily focuses on the moving body and the discrepancies, anomalies, and abnormalities that make it interesting to watch. Considering that objects can also take on an embodied state of being, I am keen to explore ways that objects can be animated and personified through movement and film. My interest in choreography comes from an eagerness to create absurd scenes. I aim for some kind of ridiculousness, for strangeness and humour. It is important for me to give space for alternative narratives to exist, and for an audience to experience some sort of surprise or oddness that is different from everyday life – to remember that there is more than one way to be and do things. I believe that anything, when deconstructed, studied, reconstructed, and repeated can be a ‘choreography’. I am excited to find choreography in forms that haven’t usually been given the privilege of appearing onstage, to give dance-ness to something that doesn’t immediately come across as dance-y.