Charlotte Arnhold

A central element of my work is identity and illustrating new possible forms of identity; reality and imagination and the deconstruction and joyful confusion of these. Within my practice I equally use sculpture, film and performance forming a synergy; using the different mediums almost as placeholders for different identities. I’m more interested in exploring the spaces in between than the things at first glance visible.The things we allow or expect certain materials or objects to do, or what attributes we think they should have, stand as euphemisms for what we allow ourselves to be within the restrictions of naturalness and artificiality and the social restrictions through gender roles and identity politics.

The use of tradition, whether performances using male or female stereotypes or within sculpture and the traditional use of ceramics or china painting, is a way for me to overdo these traditions, break them and open up room for something new.I’m drawn to surreal, dream like aesthetics and create alternate realities with objects like games, tea sets or tables that resemble fragments or relicts of utopias or dystopias, and like to blur the line between dreams, fantasies and real experiences.