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Chris Owen

Throughout my practice, I’ve been building a vocabulary of movements and performance gestures that   complicate an audience’s relationship to erotic representations of (queer) culture. By moving the body unnaturally slowly, contorting or lighting it, I hope to present the viewer with an unfamiliar and often uneasy image that prompts an examination of the world it inhabits. Through using elements such as light, music and tempo, I aim to pull in strangely entangled themes of sex, awkwardness, pathos and drama. I hope to keep developing these live performance work, working both as a director as well as devising solo performances myself. I went on a recent research trip to Berlin’s infamous sex club and ‘Church  of Techno’ Berghain, which has been inspiring my recent work. These investigations have helped me analyse how music and sex can collide and inspire. I aim to keep examining these ideas, working particular with movement and sound, exploring how they can contrast or compliment.