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Daria Chuikova

During my studies, I have developed an interest in curating and decided that I would like to build my career in that direction. I wanted to work in a creative field. Still, I was not skilful enough to be a practising artist, so I figured out that working with artists and helping them share their experience with other artists and the general public is what I want to do. I want to work in a contemporary space and work in collaboration with the artists and organize exhibitions that focus on current worldwide issues. I have some experience as a curator by co-curating virtual exhibition during my second year called Female Dada Artists where we have shined a light on the forgotten female artists of the movement and brought awareness to the significance of their work. Recently, my Newcastle University cohort and I organized Shifting Styles exhibition hosted by the Hatton Gallery. We wanted to bring awareness to the importance of art education. Newcastle University was our case study in which we picked two prominent artists Victor Pasmore and Louisa Hodgson and showed their different approaches to teaching. These exhibitions helped me to be more confident in pursuing a career in curating. I loved researching the artists, finding the relevant themes and enjoyed planning the exhibition layout. As I have mentioned previously, I am still in the process of working out what kind of exhibitions I would like to organize and curate. Hence, I believe the Collective Studio will guide me through the process of finding my own true path.