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Egypt Clarke

Egypt’s practice investigates equality and diversity within the arts as a multidisciplinary artist, presenting in organic formations and striking imagery. Where colour and curvilinear forms animated the space, her subject centers around her interest in feminism where using the tropes of modernism, she challenges its patriarchal underpinning.

Drawing from theoretical and philosophical research, feminist politics, and conceptualism, my practice is largely inspired by my curiosity of human behaviour, particularly motives of systemic oppression. I believe inclusivity within the arts is the most effective way in which we can establish meaningful connections with others in our community. My interest in current political affairs implores me to convey a meaningful message through each piece of art I make, especially regarding the topic of feminism, which I explore through curvilinear forms. Aside from my political agenda, my work is filled with striking imagery, bold colour, and curvilinear forms; alongside this, I use an abstract juxtaposition hybrid imagery, meaning I often oscillate between 2 and 3 Dimensions.

 My mediums of choice vary for each piece, but I am currently interested in using ceramics, woodworking, and traditional printing techniques in my work. I use form as a primary element in my work, exploring a combination of man-made and organic shapes. I like to explore the uniqueness of organic shapes, taking inspiration from the spontaneity of the natural world, where no two things are the same. I use my forms to explore 2D elements by thinking about the shapes cast other forms using light and shadow, which has evoked interest in exploring the negative space between, within, and surrounding an object to further develop my aesthetic.