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Ellen Welsh

I am an interdisciplinary artist, working across drawing, writing, installation, print, and book arts. My practice is usually informed by my own writing, whether this is poetry, diary entries, or notes written on my phone. The main themes I am concerned with are memory, intimacy, nostalgia, and personal narratives. My aim is often to create or depict a ‘world’ which the viewer looks into. Sometimes I do this through loose comic drawings, or sometimes through installations built of personal ephemera and found objects.
I also make a lot of zines, and see them as a mode of expression which is quietly confessional. I am very interested in inner worlds (be these fictional, imaginary, private, or introspective) and where each of our inner worlds intersect. Where does my private world and yours join? If I hand you a zine of my thoughts from the past few days, is this a window to a new place or way of thinking?
My work is sometimes concealed in envelopes for people to take and read later, or hidden in the inbox folder of a mobile phone which the viewer can peruse. I enjoy making work which has an understated interactive element, as it creates a more intimate and careful kind of experience of the artwork.