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Emily Birkett

Playing with the idea of the artistic object, I alter the usability of my work, whether that be with a utilitarian purpose or not, and the environment of which it is in. Allowing the viewer to acquire immersive experiences, I push the boundary between what is considered art and craft. There are unspoken issues regarding the harming of the world in which we live in and throughout my practice, there is an underlying factor of sustainability as I reuse materials in which I deem an un-wasteful process. I explore ideas of the environment through the use of recycled materials and by doing this, I prevent the contribution of unwanted items from landfill in our throwaway society. I am intrigued by social engagement and working alongside communities by which the use of labour intensive processes and obscure materials aid interactivity and conversations are able to form surrounding sustainable issues, all while exploring the possibilities of what could be achieved through up cycling. Equally, there are many health benefits to knitting, in which the repetitive motions can be almost meditative while producing tangible results. Previous projects include A YARN A DAY: THE LANDFILL ALTERNATIVE and KNIT WITH ME workshops where I aimed to knit a yarn ball of unwanted textiles a day, creating a visual representation of fabric that would have gone to landfill had I not re-used them in an ongoing knit and hosted drop-in sustainable knitting workshops inside a tent made solely out of upcycled materials.