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Erin Dent

My enthusiasm in the arts, combined with other interests in engineering and technology, led to the pursuit of architecture (and planning) at degree level. Whilst my degree encouraged the development of skills in software – such as Google Sketchup, AUTOCAD Revit and Adobe Photoshop – my preferred mediums were pencil, ink and watercolour. My A-Level studies in Art and Graphic Design provided opportunities to work with these materials and I developed my style in technical, detailed and intricate work. Despite this grounding, I am keen to build my skills in other areas and utilise them in the frame of a larger project. I’m particularly interested in collage, mixed media, textiles, printing and model-making, but I’m also looking to improve my digital art and potentially explore film.

Due to the nature of my degree, I was fortunate enough to study aspects of philosophy, sociology and history in relation to architecture. This, (in addition to the writings of Rem Koolhaas, Andrew Todd, Robert Venturi and Roger Burrows) has recently inspired a strong interest in the qualities of space and I’m particularly intrigued by the study of phenomenology – examining structure through experience and consciousness. Fully immersive, tactile experiences often elicit strong emotional connections and physical responses to an environment. I’m eager to explore this further – particularly the idea that purposeful dissonance, feelings or experiences. This is not unlike Brechtian alienation techniques; techniques that aim to reveal the true nature of something by interrupting it. Conversely, I’m also interested in what makes such spaces peaceful, tranquil or ‘spiritual’. This curiosity motivated a study on ‘secular spirituality of place within 21st century design’ for my third year dissertation, which was selected to feature in the annual degree show.