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Frances Lightbound

My work is concerned with the organisation and delineation of urban space, and the regulation of bodies within it. I’m interested in the spatial, social and linguistic roles of objects and structures: how elements of a built environment produce space in both the physical and psychological senses of the word, and how these objects materialise (and support the functioning of) more abstract systems such as law, capital and property ownership. Focusing on both public and private space, I explore these themes through references to systems of spatial division such as fences, property line markers, city grid systems; on specific buildings and sites; and on recognisable symbols and materials – elements that are decontextualised, remade or remixed so as to prompt new considerations of their functioning and authority. My process generally begins both with theoretical research, and with a sustained practice of walking, observing and documenting. I work between two- and three-dimensional media (print, sculpture, installation, photography), making use of readily available materials (chain link fencing, for example) which I go on to alter or reframe, using abstraction as a tool to question or loosen ascribed systems of use and meaning.