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Gabriela Serani

Artist Statement:

Im a freelance dance artist in the first years of a who-knows-how-long life and career. I became a dancer because I needed an excuse; an excuse to understand the world around me from a different perspective. I trained my body in different techniques such as ballet, modern, contemporary, to be able to “fit” whatever the dance market would ask from me. I worked for other people´s ideas . I worked for my owns. I tried to find a balance and if necessary, fight the market.

Now that I’m a dance performer I still feel the need of a new excuse; an excuse to understand dance from a different perspective: and I called that choreography. As a dance maker I challenge the boundaries of contemporary art practice, and I am driven towards a choreographic work that trespass the disciplines of visual-sculptural-audial and philosophical practice reflecting on my work the meeting points of these many encounters. I’m particularly interested in Live Composition, opening up a more promiscuous and irrational, sensual and critical possibilities for the making of art and dance. I’m in a process of researching and understanding of what does choreography means to me, to other people`s practice and to the world around me. I see my work as a long term project, trying to create a through-line of a consistent set of questions and issues.

Artist CV:

I trained in Contemporary Dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and at “The Dancers Course”, a training course mentored by BalletBoyz. I got a Postgraduate Diploma from London Contemporary Dance School as part of their Apprenticeship Scheme with BalletLorent. As a performer I have performed with companies such as BalletLorent and Experiencial Dance Company, and I have collaborate and work with artists such as Deborah Galloway, Paolo Mangiola, Jorge Crecis, Leila McMillan, Joanna Kalm. As a creator my work includes dance films (How old is November anyway 2015), site-specific performances (Through Level Two, selected as one of the best works made for “Interarts” at LCDS in 2014), and improvisational pieces (What is Life 2016, Glasgow International). As a curator I have organised CineDance`15 and I am the artistic director of TheDancingOwl, an online dance platform that supports graduates to build sustainable lives as independent artists.