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Gordan Douglas

Artist Statement:

I am a performer, collaborator and curator invested in developing social models of co-inhabitance, friendship and organisation by instigating working dynamics with various practitioners. Drawing on formations of peer assembly and grounded through long-term mutually beneficial dialogues, projects are conceived in order to further understand reproduction through groups, scenes and collective bodies. The aim is always to interrogate the limits of our collaboration, the performance of our labour relations, and the social means of our co-production. Research partners have included practitioners from: jewellery, post-punk, journalism, fanfiction, visual art and education among others. Outcomes have taken the forms of conversation, events design, performance, re-performance, curatorial, and publication.

Artist CV:

After graduating from the Environmental Art department at Glasgow School of Art in 2013, I served on the Transmission committee from 2013-15. Since then, I have been working on various self-initiated projects including: The Rookery (with Albatross Artists’ Studios); Nieces, Nephews (with Georgia Horgan and Celine, Glasgow); Field Recording (with Tom Graham), all 2015-2016; The Garden is Our Wall, (with Stefanie Cheong, James Harding, Tess Vaughan and Jake Watts) 2014-15. During this time, I have performed both independently on solo performances, and on behalf of other artists.