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Ha Nguyen

I would describe myself as an art and culture enthusiast. As a media, communications and cultural studies student of Newcastle University, i really interested in cultural studies and visual culture. This particular module, visual culture, which was led by my lecturer Katie Markham has inspired me a lot to explore the relationships between art, the visual and the society. I have been getting involved in carrying out some researches on the theory of art and its impact on society. Apart from the theoretical aspect, i have participated in different art workshops in the city such as Hatton Art gallery, Laing art gallery, National Glass centre in Sunderland.

I am experimental with different materials from crafts, clay making, zines making, to writing, photography, video making and podcasting. I believe that by different means i can express myself and convey the messages i want to communicate to other people.

The theme i tend to explore is identity politics, or identity in general in terms of personal growth, personal exploration and storytelling of people from different cultural backgrounds. I also like to look at the cultural differences between the east and the west and inequality (disability, masculinity, whiteness). This is quite similar to the idea of human library.