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Hannah Rose

Hannah rose is part of DuvarKolektiv, a Socially Engaged Art
collective made up of professional and outsider artists, a Social
Anthropologist, and local families. They have been creating art
happenings ranging from exhibitions on local buses, hand-clapping game
exchanges, zine-comics, printed silk installations, and artist books.
Their latest project, Duvar Muzei, involves creating a satellite
gallery on a wall on a busy Stolipinovo street, which will travel to
cafes and galleries in Sofia, Asenovgrad and Plovdiv. It will act as a
platform for cultural expression and exchange from a segregated
neighbourhood to the wider cultural life of the country.

The members of the collective include:
Y. an informal local craftswoman, artist, innovator and mother, who
lives in Stolipinovo and is a mediator and translator.
Hannah Rose, originally from Newcastle, an artist and printmaker.
Dr Nikola Venkov,  an engaged social Anthropologist from Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Adi Kuneva, a professional arts co-ordinator and urban studies researcher.
And many other families which participate when they can, but prefer to
remain anonymous for reasons of safety and precariousness.

*Duvar is a Turkish and Bulgarian word for wall.

**Stolipinovo is a segregated neighbourhood of around 20,000 people.
Often called a ‘ghetto’ due to its exclusion from basic human rights,
amenities such as sewage or healthcare.