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James Watts

Working primarily with sound, performance, and sculpture, I am interested in the physical energy and exertion invested in making sound. With a background in experimental and extreme metal music genres; I have been operating primarily in sound and performance, as well as sculpture and installation. I am interested in liveness, and how objects and instruments can perform, or are performed with – how speakers can substitute voice, how strings can stand in for vocal cords, acoustic chambers for lungs, electrical current for breath, and so on.

I am particularly interested in the ‘non-musical’ instrument – instruments that do not, or no longer adhere to the rules for musicality in a playable sense, and are interacted with on their own terms. Altered or damaged instruments, or custom noise makers that to be operated in a symbiotic sense where their own particular qualities or flaws are used.

Recent works have involved the re-situation of gig environments into gallery spaces and the construction (or repurposing) of instrument bodies that collapse or produce ranges of sound dictated by their form.

I also run the music label Panurus Productions and have been examining the notion of the music release as an accessible art object.