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JAWBONE JAWBONE is a collaborative practice formed in 2015 by artists Nikki Katrina Carroll (b.1994) and Matthew Young (b.1993).

Their works sway between figuration and abstraction flecked with digital motifs. Working largely in a sculptural discipline, there is an objective to construct vibrant and elastic material languages. Jawbone Jawbone’s conceptual considerations can be found in their approach to material as elements to build analogies of the human body and the human mind with its interpretations of the world. A world that extends to the significance of dreams in which our abilities detach from physical possibilities.

Specifically addressing desire, companionship and communication Jawbone Jawbone place a life on their work that has a slightly uncertain but absorbing existence. Works sit silently observing in a rudimentary manner. And we stand watching them.


Solo Exhibitions

Passing Between Clouds and Under Rocks Four/Four, Primary, Nottingham

Deep Down the Ear Canal Slugtown, Newcastle upon Tyne

Selected Group Exhibitions

Scramble Pineapple Black, Middlesbrough

Manner of Flying System Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

Multipack Bunker Gallery, Manchester

Summer Will Have Its Flies Subsidiary Projects, London

When the clouds come in CRATE, Margate

FULLY AWAKE The Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, London