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Jill Tate

I am interested in structure and perception, from the architecture we inhabit to the building blocks of reality. I often depict the domestic space, seeing it as a symbol for both human experience and the mind itself. The place we call home can feel like a refuge or a prison, whether it is made of bricks or brain cells. I explore the idea that similar patterns of thought and behaviour can exist at different scales, and contemplate the feedback loop of thoughts into behaviour, behaviour into culture, and culture back into the mind as thought.

My work oscillates between internal and external worlds, often sitting on the threshold between the known and unknown. I make paintings that aim to embody a slight unease and uncertainty, while also suggesting a sense of hope and quiet optimism. I consider the notion that at the root of all problems is the appearance of separation: that we consider ourselves separate from everything and everyone else. Like the paint on a canvas, all things are fundamentally made of the same stuff, temporarily arranged and subjectively experienced.