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John Jo Murray

Imagery is at once both a tangible object and an intangible situation; a situation that is incredibly fluid, ambiguous, and often dependent on external context for interpretation. This obviously makes for an excellent vehicle for ideas and ideology, with subtle shifts and variations creating new and unforeseen associations. It is also this element of unreliability that allows imagery to step beyond its original intended content and allow endless re-appropriation. Each image, either in isolation or series, generates its own evolving and intangible narrative.

Although reliant upon the original subject matter, this narrative takes control of the imagery and each anomalous error in the reproduction creates another point of reflection. Although highly detailed and painstakingly crafted, there is an inherent roughness and an unfinished aspect to my work. The false perfection of Hyper Realism is continually fractured and compromised by the very process of production. This creates an unsettling aspect to the work that speaks of an austere and disquieting reality offering a callous and unforgiving aspect.