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Kainat Javed Qureshi

Kai’s current projects include a documentary series exploring the feminine polarity in a challenge to misogyny situated alongside written pieces that explore lived experience, a portrait series exploring racialised gender stereotypes and a collection of “voyeuristic” style pieces exploring divinity within the context of women’s lives, seeing subjects awaken the inner goddess in response to sexual objectification within contexts that they associate with both pain and joy. Former crime lawyer and minoritised womxn’s rights advocate, Kai centralises womxn’s voices and lived experience in her work. With particular expertise providing legal professional training on “honour” abuse, forced marriage, FGM, domestic abuse, child sexual exploitation, bodily autonomy and sexual harassment, she champions equality for long-term social justice and change. From successful actions against the police on the grounds of racial discrimination to grass-roots and hedge funded projects alike, she brings a professional background and a deep passion that she seeks to deploy with eloquent rage to the conversation around the culture of misogyny.

Northumbria University: Politics and Sociology BA (Hons) 2:1, Graduate Diploma in Law, Bar Vocational Course 2008-10

  • Forced Marriage Awareness Project Co-ordinator at The Angelou Centre (FMU funded) 2011-12
  • Serious and Organised Crime Caseworker, Barrister-at-law (non-practicing) 2012-20
  • Honour Based Violence Trainer, Spokesperson and Advocate at The Halo Project 2014-16
  • #SheDecides Abortion Rights Campaign Project Co-ordinator at Children’s Investment Fund Foundation 2018
  • Board Trustee of The Roots Charitable Foundation 2018
  • Sexual Harassment Project Manager at The Angelou Centre and Advocate (Rosa funded) 2019
  • Founder of Skin Deep Photography 2020