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Kat Bevan

Over the last three years, my artistic practice has become increasingly interdisciplinary. With an open-minded and conscientious approach to art making, I use a range of mediums including, performance, creative writing, video, participation, installation and the constructed image. I have collaborated with artists, photographers, videographers and musicians, among others, to create a diverse body of work and to develop my technical skills. Throughout this past academic year, I have embodied the persona of the high-flying, multi-millionaire CEO, Max Wadds. Wadds is a man with extravagant taste and an even more extravagant sense of entitlement. Drawing influence from sociology, economics and institutional critique, and undertaking modes of satire, humour and appropriation, as Max Wadds, I am exploring, highlighting and subverting interdependent themes of gender, exploitative capitalist practices and the power structures of art and business.