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Kate Howard

Kate Howards experimental sculptural practise deconstructs socially accepted gender binaries and confronts the viewer with an alternative spectrum. The works collectively form a new landscape from where the artist map’s pieces of their own identity, and explores internalised questions about their sexuality.

An exploration of traditional sculptural methods lie at the core of the work: a series of larger carved sculptures, are seen scattered amongst more carefully considered (often) cast objects. Each in turn challenging and undermining prevailing sculptural traditions and that of monolithic masculine modernist sensibilities. .

Howard’s practise re addresses contemporary and historic feminist issues, lusting after an intersectional feminism that is inclusionary for all bodies. Influenced by the ‘sex wars’ that ignited in the second wave of feminism, they question if there is a way to relocate the role of pornography within society, away from the endless reiterative parade of white, slim, compliant bodies and instead towards the multiplication of a more inclusive repertoire of desire.

Selected Group Shows

6th August, Prelude Online Showcase, Fad Magazine, London. 3rd – 11th October, Walworth, London

26th September – 12th October, Out of Shape, Peer Gallery London.
31st May, The Sponge, collaboration with Panic Attack Duo, The Change Room, London. 17th May, Storyteller at She Hears, organised by She Performs, Tate Modern, London.

September 21st-26th, Toxic Mirror, Enclave, London.
26th July – 17th August, Site and Subject, Camberwell Space, London.
12th -17th July, Goldsmiths MFA degree Show, Goldsmiths University, London. 23rd May – June 1st, Outside, Crossbones Garden, London.
20th May, Beyond the Standard Model, Almanac project space, London.

6th-11th September 2017, 9 ways to tell yourself everything will be fine, APT Gallery, London.

20th November 2016, White Noise, Black Voices, 198 Gallery, London.


2019 This Is Tomorrow, Online Review of ‘Out Of Shape’ at Peer Gallery.
2019 “Fleisch” @fleisch.2019, Dusseldorf, Germany.


2019 October 14th Wired Radio, Art world Confidential with Alexa Phillips.


2020 Queer Feminist Art Residency, Gyula, Hungary.2011 Air: Expanding Fields Workshop, Air, London.


2018 Recipient of the Goldsmiths MFA Studio Award, a partnership funded by Acme Studios, Jane Hamlyn, and Goldsmith’s University.
2018 Recipient of an Eaton Trust Fund Grant
2013 Shortlisted Artist for Saatchi New Sensations.