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Katie Pollard

My practice revolves around researching into and working with natural dyes and inks and natural fibres and materials to create art work with diverse inspirations including nature, architecture and the body.

I am currently exploring screen-printing and mark-making techniques using natural inks that I have made as well as building a collection of locally dyed fibres. I forage local plants, grow dye plants and also use bought natural dye extracts to create colour and I document the results of my dye experiments through samples, journals and notes. I am building this knowledge to further my own colour resource to use for creating artwork and to use for educational purposes to share knowledge with others.

I work with natural materials for a few reasons. I want to work in an ecologically responsible way by using low impact processes and creating things that can essentially be composted at the end of their life cycle. I feel my most relaxed and inspired when outdoors either surrounded by nature, or gardening and growing, so working this into my artistic practice felt very natural.

Knowing the damaging effects of synthetic dyes and having built knowledge about alternative methods, as well as seeing many examples of how shared creative and growing activities can have such a positive impact on mental and physical health motivates me to want to use my practice in a socially engaged way. I am keen to connect with local community projects and artists and explore how natural dyeing as a craft can be used as a tool to build community connections and boost local skill-sets and resources.