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Keity Pook

Generally speaking I am interested in performance art and its capacity to combine unique and various physicalities together with digital mediums. I like to practice my own somatic physicality and explore the opportunities that multimedia offers, and I enjoy presenting these two practises separately as well as seeking for ways to integrate them.

Specifically at the moment  I am interested in the opacity of the media, its manipulation of truth and how I could embody these ideas. I am currently researching how I can speak about the underlying issues of conflicts such as the Israel/Palestine conflict, not speaking directly about Israel and Palestine, but trying to show what is beneath the issue and how this all expands to be a global problem in our personal lives today. Another personal practise is to do with my interest in rave culture and techno music. I am interested in “shamanistic rituals” of what rave culture offers and I have my own personal practice of dancing to techno music.