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Kitty McKay

I’m Kitty McKay, originally from Liverpool, based in Newcastle upon Tyne after studying in the Visual Cultures dept. at Goldsmiths College, and I’m interested in socially-engaged practice and the facilitation of alternative economies, in and outside of arts spaces. I work across media in academic and creative writing, moving-image, participation, performance, sound, radio production and sculpture, and I generally situate myself at an intersection of pop culture, class politics, critical theory and fiction. I’m super lucky to be a Collective Studio member and a current member of the alternative art programme, School of the Damned.

Since relocating to the North East in 2019 from South East London, I have begun a collaborative and participatory project called INCURSIONS with another artist called Archie Smith, exploring Newcastle with others through psycho-geography, writing and radio production, using group walking forums and collective dialogues to produce alternative archives for social histories and personal experiences. We hold events for walking, talking and listening in the city to generate ‘forums’ for discussion about and documentation of the city’s undercurrents and lesser known civic and political histories, its cultural enclaves and its ‘lost futures’.

I really want to work more with community organisation and collectives of alternative care: developing the infrastructural and facilitatory elements required for holding necessary spaces and meaningful time. I’m also interested in the role of public and civic space and the need for disorder and dissent in urban planning, city dwelling and localism to encourage exchange and chance encounters. Collaboration with others underpins how I work, and I’m slowly relearning how community operates to be equitable, inclusive and accessible in this weird landscape of intensified distance and scarcity.

FROM HERE broadcasts (2020)

Four archived online radio shows with writing about each.