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Left Leg Gallery

Left (Below)
Left Leg Gallery is an artwork.
Left Leg Gallery is a performance.
Left Leg Gallery is a conceptual nomadic exhibition platform. Left Leg Gallery is a fictional character.

Left Leg Gallery’s hopes to be an art collective began in 2013 in Newcastle. Our output has included formal exhibitions, participatory installations, public events and interventions, publications, residencies, video and audio works. The membership of the group is notionally fluid and can vary on a project-to-project basis.

Left Leg Gallery’s artistic and critical interests are broad and varied, underpinned by an interest in art’s potential as a social practice. We approach art as a space in which to experiment with new ways of understanding the world – and of being and acting together, staging and performing to investigate concepts. We create situations, temporary sculptural or social events that play and amplify the contexts of their circumstances. These performance/events traverse between the notions of staged/un-staged events within an art framework. These situations are artificially constructed in order to make the situations appear real, an installation of reality in a non reality assuming that a place for art is ‘unreal’, functionless. In this non reality it is possible to create mythological situations where the objects within the framework become part of an invented idea transformed into the surreal and absurd. The believability of meaning creates in the object a line between the ordinary and the fantastic.

We see the performance of Left Leg Gallery as having two main dimensions. Firstly, the projects and artwork it creates. Secondly, the process of attempting to work as a collective and recruiting members and establishing relationships with other like minded organisations. We strive to maintain our DIY, amateur and self-organised approach as long as we continue and we do not see progression and professionalism as a goal but rather see that success could simply be existing and supporting the development of a creative cultural environment free from the notions of work and spare time. We are also interested in the idea of being unsuccessful, of making mistakes and failing and of creating a concept that an art gallery may a wrong doer.

“Art, an Enemy of the People” The philosopher Roger Taylor

Left Leg Gallery operates as a voluntary, not-regularly-funded and not-for-profit organization. Our activity is unwaged and any profits that are made are used to realise future projects. Our overheads are kept to a minimum by being nomadic and through a creative and appropriate use of whatever resources are available.

Art should be “an integral part of life, as in primitive society, and not an appendage to wealth.”
Black Mask Art Group