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leichi Jiang

I am a surrealist artist whose works are exhibited as digital art. My works “Rainbow Bridge and Pyramids”, “Loess” and “Reincarnation” have completed their initial graphic creation and will eventually be exhibited in 3d form.

Leo Jiang, born in the late 80s in rural northeast China, where resources were scarce and ideas conservative, entered a small county for junior high school in the late 90s as his family’s living standard improved with China’s reform and opening up. after 08, he left the small northeast county to study, work and settle in a big city.

Although he has gained a better life through his own efforts, he has always retained his compassion for the underclass of rural Chinese society. He has deep feelings about the many deformities, contrasts, confusion and lost states in society. In recent years, he has been thinking, “In the process of exposing the truth and pursuing the truth, can my works influence society and make the world a little better?” His creation has just started this year, more like a social practice that has just begun.