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Lucas Priest

I’m intermedia artist working and living in Leith, North Edinburgh. I’m interested in walking art practices and participant driven Action Research.

I facilitate the School of Pedestrian Culture, a mock-institution for the ‘play testing’ of psychogeograpic games aimed at disorienting how we encounter space and place across the Scotland’s central belt. With a particular focus on exploring, encountering and drifting through sites of change, community resilience or capitalist expansion.

Existing as part of a loosely associated collection of emerging artists and researchers interested in a psychogeography outside of London, the School of Pedestrian Culture offers a nomadic environment for the collective exploration and interconnection of ideas, practices, and research within contemporary Scottish urbanism. We embody the Art Casual, casualising the relationship between artist and audience as to begin developing exchanges and dialogues that lead to unexpected outcomes. Part walking forum, part art collective, part art school, the SoPC interweaves walking and talking with local politics, community resilience and experimental pedagogies.

Through the School of Pedestrian Culture, I have collaborated and with; Callum Sutherland of Concrete Bodach, EMBASSY gallery, Rhyze Mushrooms and The National Galleries of Scotland. I am currently working with the Centre for Research Collections at the University of Edinburgh to put together a new walk for their collection exploring housing and studentification.

If you would like the SoPC to come and visit your School/Collage/University/Group/City or you live in the central belt and would like to collaborate on a walk, talk or workshop together, then please get in touch!


BA(Hons) Intemedia Art, The University of Edinburgh.


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