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Lucien Anderson

Lucien Anderson is an artist based in the North East. But really he wants to be a mechanic, not just one that services your car, but one that wastes time and ritualistically tinkers. Previous projects have led to escape vehicles, survival structures and scientific installations with a fragile authenticity. Using a combination of basic materials and quotidian objects he develops deployable structures, examining fundamental needs and notions of everydayness and mobility. With an oak tree on their crest and the motto “stand sure”, Anderson continues the nomadic tradition of his clan, recognised for their ability to move on at the first sign of trouble. As resident emerging artist at Allenheads Contemporary Arts he investigated the phenomenon of space analogues. He was shortlisted for the Gillian Dickinson Young Sculptor Award and recently developed work for a 24 hour site-specific public art event within the Galloway Dark Skies Park.