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Mandy Barker

Sail Creative is an independent Branding and Graphic Design studio based on the North East coast, working nationwide. We specialise in branding and digital design for independent, cultural and community focused sectors. Our passions are arts, culture and positive social change.

Artist Statement:

I am a freelance designer that works on projects around society, culture, education, community and non profit. I strongly believe design and art has the power to be used as a voice. I like to explore social issues through design to raise awareness, and open up a conversation between the piece with the viewer. I like to get involved with anything that needs design to do this, and projects that are close to my heart. There are many areas that need to be communicated to make positive change such as sexuality, homelessness, pollution, politics, discrimination, race and I want to take ‘passion projects’ and push them out to be viewed and talked about.

I enjoy working on self initiated solo projects but also collaborating with other creatives, as bringing different minds together can offer very strong results and reach solutions you never would imagine.

I enjoy working with typography, layout, photography, experimental, words, generative art, environment art within the community and many more. I am very varied in my approach and solutions and committed to each project however big or small.

Artist CV:

Do Something
A wall calendar based on LGBT rights around the world in 2014. This explored the LGBT movement and how far it has come, how much we have to do, the law, and LGBT within the media. This included conceptual ideas, conceptual work, art direction, layout, colour and typography.

Eight A.M
Within our homes, Eight a.m is an ordinary, yet significant time as we prepare for the day ahead; and the kitchen is a functional household room that perfectly displays a personal spin on ‘order and routine’. How do we conform to the social demands of time, when no one is watching? A kitchen at Eight a.m. holds an atmosphere that tells a story of the night before, or for the day to come: People present, people absent, scenes of overflowing sinks and small shots into individuals lives. The photographs in this book focus on communicating a unique energy from household to household; from unguarded moments of reflection, to hustle and bustle, to stillness and emptiness. They explore both the visible and the invisible, to renew the way we look at the often seeming ordinary everyday world that surrounds our households.

Support Diversity
A campaign was created to celebrate and raise awareness of LGBT workers within the legal profession.

Pop Will Eat Itself
Can you recycle originality? Today’s popular culture is made up entirely of bits of the past, that where artists and muscians of the 1960s looked to the future, their 21st century counterparts are almost always looking backwards. Is Lady Gaga the next David Bowie? Is modern pop dominated by talent shows such as X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent? WILL pop eat itself?

An ongoing project to investigate the life of lesbians in the UK, focusing on the ever-changing perspective of the public and media. Workshops have been arranged to get lesbians involved in the project to use within the final pieces.

Sexuality and gender are on a spectrum. Both are fluid, and one day, hopefully we will reach complete equality and liberation and there will be no need for labels. Society seems to need people to ‘put themselves in a box’ to understand diversity, and these ‘labels’ and ‘boxes’ are an ever-growing list. This list that is needed for people to feel themselves within a society that, currently, seems to rely on labelling to understand someone, or something classed as ‘different’. I did a range of posters in response to this self initiated brief.