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Maria Ferrie

María uses photography as an investigative tool to learn and discover about her immediate surroundings and her self. Her recent focus has been the topics of loss, loneliness and the relationship between memory and identity. The camera for her has long been a tool for catharsis. Her approach is very instinctive, exploratory and diverse. Her work is currently concerned with expressing and exposing emotional pain, self-criticism and the reality-bending experiences of depersonalisation and derealisation.

Whether collaborating with her subjects or on her own, although they are very different production processes, she believes the images made can become useful in the sphere of emotions when you can materialise that which you cannot see. Images can allow us to create a made up space, whether based on reality or imagination. They can enable us to give some shape to the senseless, to acknowledge, to reflect upon and to share with others when words are not enough. Opening up conversations about shame, feeling inadequate and questioning our judgment and perception is her intent.