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Mel Kirkham

Mel Kirkham has worked with film, installation and performance. Her new body of work, Resid(u)e examines the notions of home as an evolving space, constantly growing and contracting and considers what remains, both mentally and physically, through a series of delicate paintings and photographs. Kirkham also has a collaborative practice with Yasmin Baddley ‘(t)heArt works’ developing communication systems with anonymous acts.

We have worked both anonymously in the community and with different groups to help support mental health and other ways of living healthy, happier lives. Kirkham and Baddley are interested in art as a vehicle for social change. The work RE:CONNECT has been shown by Nottingham City Council and examines communication in an age where connecting with others is normally via the interface of a computer or mobile phone. Through a series of anonymous acts this work has been based around connecting with people with an emphasis placed upon random acts of kindness.