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Midge Ryall

I am a writer and performance poet based in Newcastle upon Tyne, passionate about all forms of verbal expression.

Selected Projects
Babble Gum Poetry Set (September 2018)
I have been selected to perform a twenty-minute set at local spoken-word poetry night Babble Gum.

Podcast (June 2018)
I am collaborating with a fellow local artist to produce a podcast which loosely attempts to address and make sense of the total confusion currently facing our society. Topics are dissected humorously through in-depth discussion, silly jingles, news articles, tweets and interviews.

“Nothing to See Here” (May 2018)
I am writing a one-woman show to perform at local venues, with the hopes of eventually taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe. This show incorporates comedy, audience discussion and spoken-word poetry to talk about navigating an identity crisis in a culture obsessed with selling our own individuality back to us, and the rejection of the concept of being a walking ‘product’ or brand.

Illustrative Poetry Book (March 2018)
Several of my poems were selected to appear in an independent publication promoting female expression and liberation worldwide. The written work provided covered various
topics relating to the theme of feminism and female empowerment, as well as representing more personal struggles unique to each poet included within the anthology.