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Motionsickness Project

Frustrated by the infertile Cambridge art scene, three Cambridge School of Art graduates conjoined to form the collective ‘Motion Sickness’. In a regal city famed for the achievements of old white men, the collective aimed to forge their own playground.

Formed by Denise Kehoe, Eleanor Breeze and Arabella Hilfiker, Motion Sickness is a collaborative examination of their position as products of millennial ephemera. Motion sickness, by definition, is caused by a disparity between perceptual movement and sense of movement. This disorientation is mirrored by Kehoe, Breeze and Hilfiker’s status in life in contrast to where society dictates they should be. Thus, the collective aim to explore and satirise society’s view of ‘millennialhood’. The ethos of the group is to be unabashed versions of themselves. They vow to defy sleekness and be human in the age of unreachable expectation.