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Nizama Bruncevic

Artist Statement:

My Art production is quite diverse and not strictly limited to only one medium. Therefore, I am very grateful that I have knowledge that motivates me to express myself in various and different mediums, such as Photography, Printmaking, Painting, just to mention a few. Also, I find real pleasure in exploring various theoretical interpretations of art and I believe that critical thinking and questioning in contemporary art practice is significant through interpretation of an artist. My approach is eclectic and based on several influences that I have explored through painting and defined myself as an abstract painter who tries to avoid representation of art exclusively as a reproduction. Furthermore, one part of my Graduation Thesis was exploration of American Abstract Expressionism in relation with Islamic Art and European influences. With this work, I had intent to create a theoretical and practical work based on different spiritual concepts as an example against Indoctrination or strict division in historical resources. Among very wide range of topics that I am interested in are: art and activism, contemporary visual arts, philosophical and theoretical perspectives, exploration of the cultural and social process and how these constructed mainstream. Some of the most preferable subjects that I would like to explore more in future are: 1. Post – painterly Abstraction and Contemporary Abstraction 2. Calligraphy and Islamic influence on Contemporary Western Art 3. Art and Activism, their mutual interconnection and artistic manifestation 4. Western Art, Religious Painting and women’s representation in the arts.

Artist Statement:

Bachelor Degree in Arts-Painting
Internship in ‘Stig’ Company
Art Colony, Workshop and Exhibition-(Akuset 6-Balkan Painters Meeting) Edirne, Turkey 2014
Students Colony ‘Pocitelj’ Organised from International University from Serbia and Bosnian Art Society 2013
International Art Colony Hrid, Montenegro, 2010
Kiosk NGO Photography Workshop and Exhibition-Project Communication 2006-2007
International class and workshop organised by Gazi University from Ankara and international University of Novi Pazar, 2012
VI International Ex Libris Competition Ex Music- Ruse 2010, Bulgaria