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Oscar Dempsey

Oscar Dempsey is a practising Artist and Director based in the North East working with writing and performance. He has displayed work locally in Newcastle, outer UK and internationally in Denmark.

His practise utilises mixed media involving set, video, text and performance which culminates as a live event. Based on scripts or writing that fluctuates between incidents, his work is portrayed through disjointed layers and different mediums to produce a single body of work. The work supplies elements of narratives hinting at both disturbing family traumas, collective childhood memories and questioning ones worth as it attempts to put the viewer as the ‘self’, placing them in the role of responsibility.

Oscar graduated from Newcastle University with a BA in Fine Art in 2014. He is currently the Artistic Director of SuperPosition Productions, founded in 2014. The group held their debut play “Selfish Shellfish Salty” in Northern Stage June 2015. It is a new enterprise initiated by artists, fusing performance, set, writing and video to create an immersive challenge for the audience.