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Pamela Ormston

I am a secondary school art teacher – originally from Dublin, Ireland but I have studied in London and Newcastle and now live in North Shields. I have a degree in Fine Art where my tutors gave up pressurising me to specialise in one thing and I graduated with a BA hons in Fine Art multidisciplinary studies.

My work is a snapshot into life at the seaside and the busyness that is drawn to it. I am fascinated by the hive of human life that scurries and meanders along the edges of the water. It is those lovely moments of children playing, coffee and ice cream, sea swimmers, pier jumpers and bathers set afront beautiful seascapes in all weathers that captivate me.

I find inspiration for my work in the colour and forms that present themselves as well as imagery that provokes memories of the seaside.

I work as a secondary school art teacher and live my working life to the pace of the school bell. I am also a mother to three very lively young children. As a result of these things I am acutely aware of the speed of passing time, which is why I think I feel compelled to preserve these precious moments in paint on a canvas.