Rachel Brook

Rachel Eleanor Brook produces abstract art, mixed media with illustration, artist film and digital art. Digitally and through illustration she considers complex geometric themes and uses bold colour and shape. Brook’s artist film work presents a range of dream-like perspectives, combining surrealism with art documentary, and as a disabled person, explores the ambient perspectives of living with an “invisible” condition.

In 2021-2022 Brook was developing her artistic practice with support from an Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice grant. She worked with mentors and digital software to consider 3 and 4 dimensional approaches to her abstract practice.

Rachel works on a freelance basis as an artistic facilitator engaging with community groups and young people.

“As an artist sometimes our role is to empower and engage before stepping back and allowing participants to take the creative lead. This is some of the most valuable work one can produce as an artist. I believe art should be a catalyst that inspires, challenges ideology and creates community.” – Rachel Eleanor Brook