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Reece Higham

In the broadest sense, a caricature is performative; an overstated moulding of something before it. Through a kitsch aesthetic, I allow myself the freedom to recreate an exaggerated form of reality using caricatures- something that is hyperreal that somehow becomes more tangible to me than the ‘real’ thing. My practice need not be lead exclusively by one social or cultural issue, but it is framed directly around the characters and scenarios I utilise in my work. I am interested in emphasising themes of divinity and iconography that are implicit and imperative in capitalist culture today and how this artificial construction of commodities can be utilised in society to extrude extrinsic values for financial gain. My work explores the cultural and moral issues of high-speed consumerism gone rogue and the constant ‘past-isizing’ that has become normality resulting in such transitions as the parody to the pastiche.