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Risaria Langley

Taking the everyday and bringing a new awareness of it. I am experimenting with verbal and visual storytelling performances and have for the past three years performed with avant garde band Phallictite. The band started by artist/filmmaker Arto Polus as participatory, open to anyone, the condition being what they played/created sound on they must not be proficient in when joining the band and it need not be an instrument. I joined to create sound grating vegetables. This began as I was grating veg as a housemate was creating music on the ukulele noticing the sound of grated carrot. I began experimenting with the juiciness of potatoes and the hard core sound of turnip and the bloodiness of beetroot in the band. One highlight in my performances is at The Late Shows the audience requested a turnip solo – then fascinated audience members asked to take part, playing grated turnip.

I am fascinated by everyday sounds such as hearing a rosebud crack open – but especially vegetables and their artistic visuals. Other band members have also expressed fascination with this aspect of the band and I would like to develop all the sensory aspects of vegetables in particular the subtle audio and create abstract visuals. Taking everyday, humble vegetables and giving a whole new perspective on them. Creating an organic experience of abstract audio-visual art a journey of vegetable transformation.