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Robbie di Vito

I work primarily with oil paints but I also make experimental drawings in black ink. My paintings over the past year and a half have been based on the issue of digital representation and indeed the contrasting, even conflicting nature of these two very different media. I take a lot of inspiration from painters Dan Hays and Peter Buechler as they are well established artists who experiment with painting in pixels, imitating the screen or in other words blurring the lines between time labored painting and effortless, everyday digital representation. I think this issue is absolutely crucial now as we experience our world more and more as it comes to us mediated through the digital screen. Even the paintings I send with this application essential reach you as digital extensions of the original piece. What exactly is the relationship between these two? That is the question I am most interested in at this stage. Whilst my paintings try to pick and the very material nature of the screen and it’s mechanisms of representation, my ink drawings are more a reflection of the great myriad of images that strike us every day via digital media. I wonder how exactly our brains process this ever increasing abundance of visual information.