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Roman Vaughan-Williams

Roman Vaughan-Williams makes artworks which map a landscape of relationships: within the outside world, inside his psyche, and between these two spaces.

Roman’s works are often made up of juxtapositions of material; rusty iron A-frames come up against graphite-covered MDF and trompe l’oeil representations of woodgrain. 

What appears like disparate matter is drawn together into visual poems; meditations clustered around particular concerns; Marxism, opium, De-Colonialism, thermodynamics, irony, sincerity, and Feminism. These poems do not explain the world but are maps in a journey of discovery; a journey to escape the impasse of ‘the eternal present’.  

Roman’s pieces are not always ‘physical’, but sometimes take the form of virtual spaces, discussions, and performances. His most recent works have combined video, sound, performance, and installation. They have centred around a reconciliation with death, death as a commodity, and the attempt to overcome death through production.